Baby Indie: In the Joyful Moment

What’s the Real Problem?

Lily eats a delicious breakfast

Lily eats a delicious breakfast

Lily the cow has a new problem.

As you may remember, Lily had a difficult delivery and then a number of complications after the birth of her first calf, Indie.

About a week after his birth, I found her with listless, with a fever of 107°—diagnosis, mastitis.

Because her milk was filled with bacteria, the calf couldn’t drink it. Because he couldn’t be allowed to nurse, he had to be separated from her except for brief supervised periods.

When they were finally reunited, Lily loved him literally almost to death: her great cow tongue opened huge wounds on his back. Oh, no! Another problem!

On the surface of things, Lily had an obsessive fixation with licking her calf. The vet suggested Bitter Apple, but the deterrent just didn’t work. Her need to lick was great than the aversive taste of the bitter spray. What could we do to help her?

I can hear you now, sympathizing with the poor beleaguered baby and his mom. And you might be wondering, how can Alix stop this cow from licking her calf? I wondered that, too, for a few days.

But it was the wrong question. Continue reading

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What Is It You Don’t Want?

Our stalwart rooster surveys his kingdom

Our stalwart rooster surveys his kingdom

It’s a funny thing about personal growth and success in life: often you have to experience what it is you don’t want before you can figure out what you do want. Continue reading

Surrender and the Story of Indie Firecracker

Indie and Mama Lily

Indie on the night he was born

Baby Indie Rests

Day Two, Indie rests

Well, I’ll start right off by telling you that the story has a happy ending, as you can see. But we didn’t know that at first, and really, the ending isn’t the point of this anecdote.

Our white cow, Sweet Lily Rose, finally went into labor on July 6th, about 4 days late.  After several hours of pushing, nothing was happening. It soon became clear that the baby was presented wrong, and that the cow could not deliver without help. That help was our wonderful vet, who lived an hour away.

So for an hour we waited, with the baby’s two front feet poking out into the world, and everything else stuck. Continue reading

Free Help for Teachers: Mindful Class Management Telesummit

Ready for the classroom of your dreams?

Check out Linda Cordes and the Mindful Class Management Telesummit!

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Are You Ready for Joy?

fullmoonnewearthfor web

To walk as Spirit fully integrated into a human body is a wondrous and scary experience. Wondrous, because all of a sudden we understand that we are divine, that there is nothing about us that needs to be fixed, that we already shine. Scary, because, in the past, fully enlightened humans were persecuted and often died, and we all carry those collective memories.

This is the lifetime when we move past that fear, when we no longer need anger, shame, or pain to teach us that we are human, but also divine. And what joy flows from that understanding! The world is a safe place, our needs will be met, and we ourselves are enough: complete, and entirely loved.

Full Moon, New Earth is a collection of teaching poems that record, elicit, and illuminate the road to New Earth and the joy of living as an awakened soul.

Coming soon to an e-book store near you.  Stay tuned for details.


Writer’s Block: All About Growth

Is writer’s block a myth?

Some writers will try to convince you that it is, that truly professional writers don’t indulge in writer’s block.

Singer-songwriter Sting talks about his long dry spell–a time when the Muse failed to come and nothing got written. Watch the amazing TED talk below, and see if you don’t agree with me: writer’s block is all about personal growth. When Sting finally faced the pain of the songs he was refusing to write, the music flowed once more.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you are lazy or undisciplined when you find the well of words running dry! Instead, give yourself a big hug, and look within for the words you are scared to receive.

With courage and a little time, you will find yourself back on the road to healing and creative flow.


The Wisdom of Vulture

As I walk the woods each day, messages arrive and I record them. Today’s message was of the wisdom of Vulture. Her message is “clear out the old to make room for the new,” and she’s right.

Please excuse the occasional sounds of nature: leaves crunching, dog barking, birds singing. These words come when they come, and I merely stop and record them. However, I will start standing still when I do!

Sometimes Life is Just So Simple!

HiRes (4)Ok, I admit it–it took me a very long time to have a one-second brainwave.

You see, I have been trying to figure out how to find the time to get back to blogging on my, not one, not two, but three word press blogs. And that’s not even counting this website you are reading.

Three blogs and one website that needs to incorporate new material frequently.

Finally, I got it!  I am just going to let those wonderful old blogs be what they are–an archive of my growth–and from now on, all of my blogging will be here, in one place.

The sense of relief is indescribable.  I can do this.

So stay tuned!