"See the child standing before you. See past the color of the skin, past the attitude of defiance or indifference worn like a cloak of concealment, and past the labels of limited, disabled, inadequate, different, or indifferent. None of these judgments is true."

~From The Gift, by Alix Moore

Tapping the Well Within

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Praise for Tapping the Well Within

In reading this book I do feel like this very well might be, my “Birth Day.” Thank you Alix, I hunger to have many more “Birth Days” inspired by your experiences and teachings!

–Kim Hurley, from the review on Amazon.com

Your words, even though for a “writer,” apply to me in so many creative ways. You have given me an explanation for how I work. I now understand that which I had in my heart, but found difficult to articulate. I feel my energy expanding. I feel great joy.

–Award-winning artist Samantha Bachechi

It’s the rare book that moves me into action, and Tapping the Well Within did just that. An unassuming book packed with big chunky truths, this one is a keeper.

–Lisa Wechtenhiser, http://practicallyintuitive.com/ from her review for Pathways Magazine http://www.pathwaysmagazineonline.com/

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The Gift

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What does it take to learn to teach the toughest children?

Twenty-four struggling six-year-olds, one angry young horse,

and a teacher who wouldn’t give up.


In this powerful book, part memoir and part how-to, master teacher Alix Moore shares with us how she learned to teach the unteachables. We follow her journey as she struggles with challenging animal and human students, surrenders ego, finds patience, and ultimately succeeds because of her unshakable conviction that all her students can learn.


The Gift:  A Must-Read for Every Teacher

“Truly a gift to all those who consider the space between teaching and learning as sacred, The Gift is a delight to read, buoying the spirit and delighting the soul. I want all my students to read this beautifully written book.”

–Dr. Diane Lee, Ph.D., Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education, University of Maryland, Baltimore County