How to Hand Sell Your Books at a Book Festival

Photo credit Larry Matthews

Headed to a book festival to meet readers and sell your books? That’s great, but . . . do you know what to do once you’re standing behind your author table? Here’s a simple but powerful strategy that will make the difference between a profitable festival and a disappointing day.
Follow these five steps to greet […]

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Too Many Projects? Six Solutions to Help You Focus and Create

Sarah finally has a few hours to herself. She makes a cup of green tea, and heads into the den with her laptop. Finally. Writing time. There’s just one problem–Sarah is working on five different manuscripts at once. Each in a different genre, each at a different stage of completion. Which one to work on?  How to get […]

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Writer’s Block: All About Growth

Is writer’s block a myth?
Some writers will try to convince you that it is, that truly professional writers don’t indulge in writer’s block.
Singer-songwriter Sting talks about his long dry spell–a time when the Muse failed to come and nothing got written. Watch the amazing TED talk below, and see if you don’t agree with me: […]

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