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Morning Coffee

Image ©Istock

Image ©Istock

Each day begins

With drinking the morning coffee

Of my soul.

Awake, I remember what I intend:

That my words go out into the world

Like birds

Like light

Like healing benedictions

While I,

I let them.

Creativity is not a function of the mind

When we write, we embody our own spirits. When we give ourselves permission to create, we give ourselves permission to become human-divine. The joy we find in writing adds to the sum of joy in the universe. The wisdom we find in writing brings healing to us and to others. The very act of channeling our higher selves as our physical hands hold the pen creates a fusion of earth and cosmic energies. It creates, in essence, a small piece of heaven on earth.

Hi, I’m Alix Moore

Headshot of Alix Mooer

I’m a clairvoyant poet who helps writers connect with their creative spirits and transcend their fear so that they can create and market their writing with confidence and joy.

But really, I’m a human-divine being who is here to be a witness, a voice, and a guide for the collective consciousness as we journey together into a new reality.

And what a joyful transformation it is!

Humanity is learning to step out of fear and control into amazing wellness and clairsensory ways of living. I’m excited to be a teacher and a traveler on this journey, and I invite you to connect with me so that we can support each other, learn from each other, and celebrate each other.

I see you. You’re magnificent.

I wish you joyous writing,