Writers with Wings

Cocreating heaven on earth


Okay, this is so much more than a website for writers!

I’m here to teach you how to grow your wings in every aspect of your life.

I’m a Seer. I can see who you really are–you’re magnificent, by the way–and I can help you become the magical, powerful, effortlessly creative shining light that you were born to be.

Come play with me!

My Spirit Says

Image ©Istock

Image ©Istock

My spirit says that I am

Here to be light, that I am

Here to be fearless,

Here to be an example.

My spirit says all is well.

My spirit says, teach peace,

Teach empowerment, teach the

Tools of living as a divine spark

Inside a human body.


Come learn to channel the bright words of your soul

Creativity is not a function of the mind

When we write, we embody our own spirits. When we give ourselves permission to create, we give ourselves permission to become human-divine. The joy we find in writing adds to the sum of joy in the universe. The wisdom we find in writing brings healing to us and to others. The very act of channeling our higher selves as our physical hands hold the pen creates a fusion of earth and cosmic energies. It creates, in essence, a small piece of heaven on earth.

Come learn to embody your powerful, light-filled spirit

You are an immensely powerful being wearing a physical body

I have a hunch that you are only just beginning to realize how powerful you really are. Are you beginning to explore your higher senses? Trust your intuition? Communicate with your animals? Life makes so much more sense when we step into our true selves. I can help you understand your soul journey and teach you some amazing Soul Tools–effective ways to function and flourish in the other real world.

Come learn to see your furry friends as fellow travelers on the road to a new earth

Dogs have souls, too. As do horses, and cats, and cows . . .

Your dog is like a spirit guide in fur and four feet–one that comes complete with snuggles and kisses and, sometimes, very challenging behaviors. Did you know that your dog picked you? And that he or she is committed to helping you learn your soul lessons?

In blog posts, courses, and one-on-one sessions, I will help you see your animal companion’s presence in  your life in a whole new light.

Hi, I’m Alix Moore

Headshot of Alix Mooer

Hi! I’m Alix. I’m a human-divine being who is here to be a witness, a voice, and a guide for the collective consciousness as we journey together into a new reality.

And what a joyful transformation it is!

Humanity is learning to step out of fear and control into amazing wellness and clairsensory ways of living. I’m excited to be a teacher and a traveler on this journey, and I invite you to connect with me so that we can support each other, learn from each other, and celebrate each other.

Welcome to the other real world!